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Real Estate

Top 10

Ten good reason to invest at Cap Tremblant

  1. We are located nearby the Tremblant in the heart of the best ski and golf region in Eastern North America
  2. Cap Tremblant is the most exclusive mountain resort in the Mont-Tremblant region
  3. The resorts allied with worldwide recognized banners such as Cap Tremblant are  the Mont-Tremblant area’s best performers.
  4. The most astounding views of the region
  5. Cap Tremblant owns the largest pools and aquatic installations in the region
  6. Natural setting worthy of the greatest Alpine villages of Europe
  7. Cap Tremblant has been honoured by the most prestigious awards in the construction industry
  8. The interest rates are at their lowest in decades and all expenses are deductible
  9. Portfolio diversification – stock market and real estate
  10. Baby boomers are buying more and more second and third vacation properties that offer a strong appreciation in value


To make a reservation : 1.888.996.3227 | reservations@captremblant.com
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